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How to generate leads? How to grow your business?

Updated: May 3

it consists of four stages Attract, Convert, Close, Delight these are 4 stages from which the customer journey happened.

Attract: in this stage initially we have to create an awareness campaign on the website, blogs, keyword searches, social publishing. There are some ways by which we create awareness plans and utilize this platform for awareness, stranger person always scrolls webpages for information gathering so he counters with our awareness plan and diverts on our landing pages.

Covert: this is the second stage at this point customers land on our page read our emails and fill information form that means we directly get our leads. at this point customers/strangers person consider our product and service and give a response to our awareness campaign.

Close: At this point, a stranger person converted into a potential customer we can say that at this point stranger person like our service and he is willing to pay for our service/ products

Delight: at this point, if we please our customer he should be our promoter and brand ambassador for our product and service he then makes branding put a review on social media platforms.

Lead generation strategy
What is lead generation

Lead Generation Tools

there are a number of tools by which we can create or generate leads such as, Website application email marketing, social media blogs media publications, influencer marketing.

each tool has different importance such as website helps us as a landing page, the application helps our landing page and its automation manage our business, email marketing helps us for transform stranger into the active lead,

social media platform can help us for branding and brand awareness purpose, blogs and media publications links helps us for spreading brand awareness on social platforms and among masses.

Influencer marketing helps us getting active business lead they are instant and highly converting business leads into a potential customer so this is the platform which we need to be considered for leads generation.

Leads generation tools
Lead generation tools

What is Sale Funnel? Why we need a Sale funnel?

for social media marketing and for business campaigning we need to understand the sale funnel :

sale funnel strategy
Sale funnel

when you see the above image you will understand how we have to plan our strategy for social media and business campaigns.

at the top awareness, at this point, people are constantly engaged in the search for information, At the Interest point, People learn about the product, Consideration stage, at this point customer or stranger person read the review and compare our products, Intent is stage at this point usually stranger person put our product in his cart and waiting for confirmation order for our product and service.

the final stage is purchase at this point stranger person converted into active leads this is the point where our sale takes place and the sale journey completed.

what is sale funnel explained in brief
sale funnel

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