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How Keyword Research Factors Help Google SEO Ranking in 2021 | Digitalshivraj

Factors that need to understand before doing keyword research

1) Use Smart Strategy

  • use specific keywords don't use too broad keyword

  • avoid keywords that have too much competition

  • use keywords that have good traffic

  • use business relevant keywords only

  • try to rank multiple keywords at a time

2) Seed Keywords

Seed keywords mean phrases that are used while doing keywords research

For example - let us assume we need to rank "Digital Marketing"

So our Seed keywords can be "Digital Marketing Agency" "Digital Marketing Expert" "Digital Marketing Consultant" "Digital Marketing Course" depending upon your business.

3) Multiple Keywords Focusing on Single Idea

Use multiple keywords which focus on a single idea

For example for online shoe store words should be "Online shoes" Online Sport Shoes" "Online best shoes" "shoes for sale" " shoes for Men" Shoes for Women's" etc.

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