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Social media marketing for beginners 3 tips to get started with today

The first marketing steps you should take - When we talk about Digital Marketing, digital means we talk about digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat this are digital platform you need strategy to get massage out there and how to use this platforms to gain maximum outcomes.

Digital marketing setup

1) Content strategy

2) Social Setup

3) Omnipresence

This steps are sequence of action takes, don't move on second one until you are done with first on

1) Content strategy

What is your content strategy ?

In social media platform this platform are meant to capture attention, you need to grow this platform, you need some superpower strategy to Nurture your audience, to give value to them, to engage them, how you can make difference in there life, you need to introduce yourself and let them know about you really care about them, to capture your followers attention.

Digital marketing has been not always like that , you use to be create a ads commercial, uncommercial, 30 second ads, 1 minute ads, and put it in front of the people, and generate instant sale, people see your ad go to page and purchase product, that is old school marketing strategy that's not work today.

If you really wanna get things going, and you wanna build a machine you can automate and scaling and generate lot more sale your gonna need to build this process.

The only way to build this process is, do you have revolutionary product ?

before realizing this everybody thinks their product is special.

but there are lot of products already their, so you need to figure out strong points in your products, because already their is lot of products in market and everyone think same so you need to figure out your superpower.

If you find your superpower then you need to work on content strategy. When you figure out your superpower then you get that attention from people. whether you are going to be leverage their attention by differentiating yourself from other rest of the people. so content strategy is you need to figure out what is your superpower. Educate people, inspire people, make them happy with your content strategy.

Superpower is what you want to give to the world to make it better.

2) Social Setup

Social setup refer to individual social media platforms that you want to leverage,

Facebook Pinterest LinkedIn

Instagram Twitter Clubhouse

IGTV Snapchat YouTube

Basically you need to setup everywhere, because every platform is unique and have special kind of characteristics.

You gonna need to setup all your marketing strategy on across all this platform and delivered quality content through this,

above mentioned platform in a list are having unique characteristics they are having millions/billions subscriber so every brand need to leverage this platform through their content strategy.

3) Omnipresence ( The God Marketing Plan )

This plan allow you to be everywhere, and this plan is free all you need to require is your own energy, and your own sweat, and this is how you started.

Before doing any advertising, before you spend any money on marketing make sure this 3 steps are done. and only you have done this three steps and you are rolling across this platforms, you can now considered taking some of your hard earned money , and putting in social platform for amplification and reaching more people.

Do not amplify, do not invest on advertisement, unless you are fully setup to get that attention and have that presence across all social media platform.

Omnipresence is basically god marketing plan. you are trying to replicate what god is to the world, he is omnipresence and he is everywhere. he knows what everybody is doing, you can not hide things from god, Omnipresence is basically that phenomenon in world of social media. You wanna be everywhere. like doing video, articles, blogs, posting on social media. you are gonna be omnipresence.

this is the future of digital marketing.

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