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Advantages Circulating A Press Release?

 Drive More Traffic To Your Store

PR helps businesses to bring traffic to their websites, in one study it is clear that press releases help to drive more traffic and helps to create influence on online platforms.

Boost Your SEO

(Search Engine Optimization)

Implementing SEO tactics into your overall marketing strategy, you’re more likely to reach the top spots of users' search queries, which will help potential customers and clients find you when they're searching online for information related to your company, industry, product, or service.

Gaining links to your site from others is a huge ranking factor for SEO explained in studies.

which can help to boost your own search engine visibility.

Generate More Business Opportunities

Press release helps to build your unique identity and directly helps to generate business leads for your business. it creates your brand value and face value .

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I choose Aquila?

Aquila is a leading company in the press release distribution industry. You can reach top-tier news networks, search engines, and blog and industry journals all over the world. All of these services are available to you at just a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

  • How much does PR Distribution charge?

Our prices vary depending on the services that you require. The price of a single press release with our Premium package is just $160. To increase your media reach and visibility, you can also opt for the Premium Pro package at $240. For the ultimate in global distribution, we offer our Premium Concierge pricing plan at $599. Other pricing packages are available for services such as bulk distribution, white-label, or bundled press release writing and distribution.

  • Are there any guarantees about the time and date of distribution?

While we cannot make any guarantees about the time and date when your press release will be distributed, 97% of our press releases are published and distributed without delay. We cannot guarantee immediate release due to the fact that we have fewer staff members available for review on weekends and holidays. We do promise that we will never send out your press release before it is supposed to go out.

  • Where does my press release go?

We guarantee distribution to the popular search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo. We will also reach out to blogs, news sites, and industry journals. At higher service tiers, we guarantee syndication to premium news networks.